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Tile Cleaning - Palm Springs, FL

Affordable Tile & Grout Cleaning in Palm Springs, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach FL

Breaking your back by hand scrubbing your tile and grout with a brush and detergents is a thing of the past. The team at Sci-Fi Steamers brings back the life to your home or place of business by offering you some of the most thorough tile cleaning in Palm Springs, FL. Designed to restore the original condition of your grout, our tile cleaning services are efficient, timely and offer eco-friendly cleaning. 

Mold and Algae: Removal and Prevention

Our deep cleaning comes from the use of our powerful and professional grade cleaning equipment. The machines we use in the field utilize 300-1200 psi water extraction to clean, sanitize and vacuum your floors all in one motion. While pressure washing only moves dirt and allergens around your floors while threatening damage to the tile in the process, our cleaning methods achiever deeper cleaning without risking potential damage. We use a moderate pressure that removes all high stain grease, dirt, mold and algae all while killing bacteria or fungus and keeping your tiles safe. After all is said and done, you are left with results that make your floor look brand new, just like our carpet cleaning. We provide  Tile and Grout cleaning services in Palm Beach County FL, Loxahatchee FL, and Wellington FL.

Tile Cleaning - Before & After Grout & Tile Cleaning - Palm Springs, FL Stopping Mold - Palm Springs, FL