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New Hardwood Cleaning - Palm Springs, FL

Hardwood Cleaning in Palm Springs, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach FL

Nothing looks quite as stylish in a home or business as a hardwood floor that is well taken care of and maintained continuously. At Sci-Fi Steamers, we help you keep this incredible look by offering you a variety of floor cleaning services that freshen up your floors in the places they need most. Depending on the frequency your hardwood floors are used, you should always consider getting them touched up anywhere from one to four times a year. With our cleaning, rinsing and polishing services, you can count on us for the best hardwood cleaning in Palm Springs, FL, and surrounding areas.

Thorough Cleaning by Trained Professionals

There are a number of reasons your floors could be in less than perfect condition. Whether you see the occasional scuff mark or constant use has tracked in plenty of dirt, anything could make your floors unsightly. Should you find yourself in this position, just leave it to our hardwood floor cleaners  to deliver the results you are looking for. We keep your wood floors cleaned and conditioned periodically to ensure only the best in presentation. Dirt, sand, and even moisture accumulation is never a problem for our team.

Living Room Hardwood Cleaning - Palm Springs, FL

Say Goodbye To Dirt and Grime

The hardwood floor cleaner we use during our services is a unique product that is formulated to clean, polishes, and protect any hardwood or laminate floors on your property. This solution will extend the life of your floors, all while improving appearance and bringing out the best in your hardwood. The machine we use with our products utilizes a rotary brush and self-contained extraction system to remove dirt or grime without leaving streaks. This cleaning process will then be repeated with a neutralizer to restore the pH of your wood. Finally, an application of satin or gloss is used to help bring out the shine and beauty of your floors.